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Zîn FM

Zîn FM (formerly Jîn FM) is a community radio station broadcasting in the city of Derik and its countryside, on the Syrian-Turkish-Iraqi borders. It is run entirely by women, but targets the whole local community, not just local women.

The former incarnation of the station, Jîn FM, broadcast in Amuda between 2015 and 2018. It was at the time the first and only radio station in Syria run by women for women. It stopped in 2018 due to lack of financial support, but was revived in 2021 as Zîn FM and moved to Derik.

The change in approach (from a radio station “run by women for women” to a radio “run by women for the local community”) reflects Arta’s development and maturity in terms of gender awareness.

Previously, Arta ran radio programs and offline activities focusing specifically on gender issues and women’s rights, treating gender as a special project. Later on, Arta integrated gender awareness and gender equality into all aspects of its institutional and media work, and moved away from women-only programs and activities.


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