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“Arta’s aims to support democracy, accountability and trust seemed dizzyingly ambitious in a region still reeling from war and threatened by violence.”

BBC Radio World Service

The Documentary - “World Wide Waves '22: The sounds of community radio” - 13 Feb 2022 

ARTA testimonials

“Just two weeks ago, the radio station Arta FM from Syria was mainly reporting on reconstruction. Now they have to do daily war reporting.”

“The voice of reason.” 

“Each contribution goes on air uncensored. For Syria, this is a revolution.”  

Arta FM “uses the airwaves creatively, with programs ranging from hard news to satires about IS [the so-called Islamic State]. The broadcasts seem to be a hit with listeners.” 

ARTA testimonials

“The main focus for Arta FM is to push civil society, and its programs span topics from anti-sectarian advocacy and discussions on moderate Islam to journalistic reports on problems with the local water supply.”

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