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Privacy Policy

Radio Arta takes very seriously the protection of the privacy of the personal information it records about the site's visitors and users. This information is only recorded to protect the site and improve the quality of the services it provides.

Radio Arta is committed to dealing with any information it receives from website visitors in accordance with the applicable laws of the European Union on the protection of personal information.


Radio Arta does not use this information to collect personal profiles of its users. Radio Arta does everything in its power to keep the personal information of visitors to the site confidential and secure, and does not share it with any third party, unless the law requires its disclosure and is permitted to do so.


The Radio Arta website uses cookies for everyone who visits the site. This is limited automatic data about the visitor's browser, preferences and activities on the Rdio Arta website that are stored in their own browser. This data helps Radio Arta to better meet the needs of its users, and the user can delete it from their browser.


Radio Arta also records the user's Internet Protocol (IP) address, which is a number that can identify each computer using the Internet, similar to a phone number. Radio Arta uses IP addresses to identify the countries from which users visit the site, and to prevent any user who may abuse or vandalize the site from doing that again in the future.


When using the services offered by the site, such as receiving news by e-mail or participating in voting or in comments, we may ask you for certain personal data, such as your name, e-mail address, place of residence and date of birth. This personal data enables us to better provide the requested services and is not used for any other purposes.


If the user is under the age of 16, please obtain the consent of the guardian before sending any personal data to the Radio Arta website.


The Radio Arta website may contain links to other websites. Radio Arta is not responsible for the content of external websites, and the responsibility for visiting and using them is the responsibility of the user.

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