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Inter-Communal Dialogue

Arta is a civil society organisation, not just a media outlet. And one of the core aims and values of the organisation is to promote a culture of plurality and tolerance among the various ethnic and religious communities of the region, in the face of rising fundamentalism and extremism.

Throughout 2018-20, Arta organised monthly “Community Forums” in different towns and cities across NE Syria. The forums brought together community representatives from different backgrounds, including politicians, human rights and civil society activists. They openly debated community relations and peaceful coexistence.

Arta has also collaborated with various local CSO’s on producing a series of high-quality reports and awareness campaigns about IDP's, hate speech, fake news, women’s rights and many other issues.

Arta has organised tens of gatherings and round-table discussions with local journalists and media outlets in the Jazeera region to coordinate their efforts to counter extremism and hate speech in the media.

A media charter for al-Jazeera was agreed at the end of some of these early meetings and signed by tens of local media outlets, similar to the Ethical Charter for Syrian Media, on which Arta is also a signatory.


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