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Visual Radio

Arta FM’s focus will remain for now on what Arta does best, which is radio, but combine that with reaching target audiences on social media and TV platforms.

To achieve this, and to also reach the Syrian diaspora more effectively, Arta worked hard in 2020 and 2021 on developing visual radio formats that could be an effective alternative to traditional TV.

Arta FM also wants to restructure and improve all its programs to make them more engaging and more relevant to the local population. Previously, the radio’s programs consisted of distinct, sometimes unrelated segments ranging from current affairs and community information to social and cultural stand-alone segments. The new format will be more ‘free-style’: Each hour will have a general overall focus but will be more free-floating, with relevant news and commentary, useful community information, studio guests, reports, phone calls and so on.

Arta would like to move away from rigid formats and make its radio programs more lively and more engaging. This format will also allow it to offer more in-depth coverage of current affairs as they unfold. The editorial team will ensure a balanced coverage of a wide range of political, military, social and public services topics, including women’s and children’s rights, the Syrian peace talks and social cohesion.


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