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Surviving and remaining on the ground

From the beginning, Arta insisted on keeping all its offices, studios and staff inside Syria, rather than broadcasting from neighbouring countries.

While this has had many advantages (being on the ground among people, local connections and so on), it has also limited its ability to access, attend or organise trainings, such as those organised by funders and media support organisations for other Syrian media projects in Turkey, Jordan and other neighbouring countries.

Despite various difficulties and obstacles - from being set on fire in 2016, through the Turkish attack on north Syria in 2019, to the Covid-19 pandemic - Arta has proven strong and resilient enough to survive.

In fact, just by remaining on the ground and continuing to provide balanced, up-to-date coverage of the military and humanitarian developments during difficult times, the popularity of Arta and its different radio stations has steadily increased both on FM and online.

In July 2019, Arta moved into its own four-story building in Amuda, which it had built brick by brick over the previous two years using its own resources.

Pictures of the building opening:

Live video of the building opening:


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